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Rumi, the Mystic and Poet of Love

October 3, 2018 West Vancouver Memorial Library

West Vancouver, BC

The Seven Cities of Love, honoring eminent mystic poet Faridaldin Attar

Oct 23, 2016, Inlet theatre

Port Moody, BC

Scientific achievements and contribution of Omar Khayyam to mathematics and astronomy

May 24, 2015, the Centre of Iranian Art, Inlet theatre

Port Moody, BC

Love, Gnosticism, and Rumi

September 22, 2013, the Centre of Iranian Art, Inlet Theatre

Port Moody

Rumi at 8th Jondo Flamenco Festival

May 6, 2012, SFU

Vancouver, BC

Celebration of Rumi, the World Poetry Reading

September 28, 2009, Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver, BC

Commemoration of 800th birthday of Rumi

September 15, 2007, Centennial Theatre

North Vancouver, BC

The Seven Stars of Female Persian Poets from 9th ce. Rabii Ghozdari to 20th ce. Simin Behbahani

2007, Kay Meek Centre

West Vancouver, BC

Mawlana Rumi transcends national and ethnics borders

2007, Columbia College

Vancouver, BC

A Day with Rumi: 10:00-4:30 Workshop

February 6, 2005 UBC Robson Square

Vancouver, BC

Exploring Hafez, Mehdi Meshgini and Robert Bly

Nov 21, 2005, Masonic Hall

Vancouver, BC

Rumi the Most Eminent Persian Mystic Poet

October 21, 2004 UBC Robson Square

Vancouver, BC

A Night with Forough Farrokhzad

March 8th, 2003, UBC Graduate Student Center

Vancouver, BC

Parvin Etesami

February 15, 2001, Vancouver Museum

Vancouver, BC

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